The school year is rapidly ending, and the last weeks have seen many final assessments being completed, alongside the beginning of the HSC examinations. It has been wonderful to witness the care and support demonstrated between our girls, staff and our community; a hallmark of our Danebank community.

Extensive Consultation 

Throughout 2020 we have gathered our community into a shared conversation about the future of our school, beginning with developing an understanding of our current position. This discovery process ran over the previous three terms, when we have engaged as a community in extensive consultation. In the first phase we focused on determining our position and strengths so we could chart our course forwards with a refreshed strategy.

We have taken a comprehensive approach to ascertaining our position, with one-on-one interviews with all staff, feedback forums with parents, student class meetings and feedback sessions, two independent school-wide surveys (AIS and TASC) and some key faculty reviews.

Dr Emma Burgess
Dr Emma Burgess

Another important part of this process occurs next week with the Anglican Schools Corporations’ five-yearly on-campus review. This will be Danebank’s fourth TASC Review.

The review usually includes a survey, which we completed last term, and several days when the review panel from TASC is onsite, observing, interviewing and participating in our learning. We are looking forward to welcoming the review panel on campus next week, starting Sunday 25 to Wednesday 28 October.

To complete this phase, we are undertaking an independent review of our organisational structure this term. This is conducted by Ms Jann Robinson, a well-respected educational leader, pioneer, former TASC Principal (St Luke’s Grammar School) and author of the book, Powering Up Your School: The Learning Power Approach to School Leadership.

Summary of Findings

I hope to share with you our findings from the consultation towards the end of the term. Originally we had planned a Breakfast with the Principal to do so, but with the continuing COVID-19 restrictions we will need to reassess how to best share with our community.

I look forward to us continuing to plan and map our future together.