Care Structures

Danebank prides itself on the pastoral care network it has established.

Staff members are highly experienced and are committed to positively nurturing our students, to uphold and develop the unique personal strengths of each girl. Staff members know the girls well and they liaise with one another and with parents on behalf of students.

At the same time, our girls are encouraged to think about their place in the world, today and into the future, and to serve others. One of the school’s greatest strengths is the motto, Ut Prosim, which means ‘That I May Serve’. Our girls are encouraged to develop fine personal attributes such as integrity and compassion.

Danebank believes that each girl’s humanity is enriched when she awakens her ‘heart of service’. We aim to make service a practical reality. Our girls are encouraged to serve the needs of others and this includes service to each other and service to the wider world, through deeds which reflect generosity, consideration and compassion.

Care Network

Class teachers have in-depth knowledge of their students’ needs and undertake the special care of their class groups. They liaise with staff and parents to ensure that the needs of all girls are understood and promoted.
Where necessary they refer to the expertise of specialists such as:

  • School Chaplain
  • School Counsellors


Other elements of individual care are provided by:

K Team

  • Year 6 students work on K team as special buddies to Kindergarten students.
  • Prefects & House Captains model concern for our world and care of others.
  • Positive reinforcement of responsible behaviour and outstanding achievement through Merit Card, Honour Badges, and House Point systems.
  • Role modelling. Students hear about people in the wider community who exemplify fine personal attributes.


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