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Making friends is a skill that lasts forever

Making friends at school can be just as important as learning your times tables or when to use there, their or they’re! Learning how to make friends as a child, is a skill you will use forever. While we can’t make friends for our children, we can give them some direction and teach them skills…

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Stranger Danger – teaching your child what to do

The phrase ‘stranger danger’ has been around for many years, and now is even more relevant with both physical and cyber strangers to be wary of. Teaching our kids how to make good decisions when they are in unfamiliar situations can help them to avoid trouble and danger. This week the St George Youth Liaison…

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How to raise a tough teen

Today’s world is more complex and unpredictable than ever before; it is ever-changing and more complicated socially, environmentally and politically. For teens, this can create confusion around their sense of meaning and a purpose.  How can we help our teenagers develop skills to be successful in this new and complex era? Previous generations have been…

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Self-regulated learning and wellbeing

Empowering your child to have self-regulated learning will increase their wellbeing. In this article Dr Karen Peel from the University of Southern Queensland, shares her findings from her recent research on the development and application of self-regulated learning. She discusses why developing a young student’s mindset and skill set to be better able to manage…

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Cyber safety: the dark side of YouTube for Kids

It is very concerning when young people have been exposed to any content that scares them or plays on their emotions, like those reported via the Momo Challenge. Although it has now been widely reported and exposed as a viral hoax, the Momo Challenge is not the first, nor will it be the last, online…

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