Classroom Support

Special Programs

Extension Learning

A structured extension learning program for high potential learners provides opportunities that challenge and engage the most able students. A gifted and talented specialist works with small groups to enrich student problem solving, deepen inferential thinking, explore STEM projects and ignite a passion for learning. Students also: participate in competitions such as Maths Olympiad; attend special workshops and excursions.

The classroom teachers, in collaboration with specialist staff, also cater for the needs of all students with differentiated activities across the curriculum, ensuring academic interests are met.

Special Needs

Students with special needs are identified early. Where possible, additional help is provided by special needs specialists, teachers’ aides and counsellors. This may be by withdrawal from the classroom or by assistance inside regular classes. Sometimes extra assistance is temporary and other times more long term.

EAL/D (English as an Additional Language or Dialect)

Students who speak a language at home, in addition to English, are identified by a specialist teacher as they enter Danebank. They are provided with an enriching program to move them along the ESL Scales of learning English. Students with greater needs are also given the opportunity to work alongside a Bilingual Teachers Aide during specific lessons in the classroom.


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