Creative Arts – Drama

The study of Drama enables students to develop their creativity, communication skills and critical thinking.


Drama enrichment lessons are held in Years 7 & 8 and Drama is offered as an elective subject from Years 9-12.

Classes aim to provide students with valuable learning experiences including team-building, problem-solving, public speaking, performance and literacy. Drama offers students opportunities for dynamic, experiential learning in improvisation, play-building and exploring a range of dramatic forms and theatre styles.


The school presents Drama productions of a high calibre, alternating between musicals and plays. Roles are allocated after open auditions. Students involved in productions participate co-operatively as performers, stage crew, lighting operators, audio experts, or stage managers.

Recent productions have included “Thoroughly Modern Millie”, “High School Musical”, “Twelfth Night”, “Daisy Pulls It Off” and “Annie”.


Students in Years 9–11 also have the opportunity to be involved in the inter-school Theatresports competition in Term Two. Students receive training with a Theatresports expert to equip them for the experience.


Performing Arts Centre

The school’s Performing Arts Centre provides state-of-the-art lighting, sound and staging opportunities in the main auditorium. There is also tremendous scope for developing dramatic activities in two additional, large drama studios.

Drama Studios

Danebank has two large drama studios where lessons and rehearsals are undertaken.


HSC results have been outstanding with a number of students’ performances being nominated for ‘Onstage’ and Critical Analysis Projects have been selected for inclusion at this prestigious exhibition.

"I love being able to walk in a character's shoes and lose yourself in a world that only your imagination can create.” – Hosanna Athas, 2016


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