Our Stage 3 teachers recently received “absolutely fabulous” feedback for their English teaching from NESA, the NSW Education Standards Authority.


NESA booked a random spot-check at Danebank as part of the authority’s risk-based approach to regulation. Only a few days’ warning is received by the school earmarked for inspection to ensure what the inspectors examine, is in fact what and how teachers teach. 

After the inspection, the feedback we received was “absolutely fabulous,'' said Head of Junior School Mrs Melinda Buckley.“The inspectors said the focus on the quality of learning was very evident and everything they look for was there in abundance. “

NESA works across all NSW school systems, looking into schools’ curriculum, teaching and assessment planning to ensure there is support for teachers and schools, and to ensure all children are offered a high-quality education that enables them to fulfill their potential.Each year NESA samples 18 government schools, four individual non-government schools and four systemic non-government schools.

NESA chose to inspect Stage 3 English

Stage 3 (Years 5 and 6) English was NESA’s chosen area at Danebank. Mrs Lena Cooper, our Stage 3 Coordinator, was well prepared regardless of the spot inspection, although she and all the other Stage 3 teachers spent many extra hours making sure their programs, work samples and assessment data records were collated and organised, clear and concise.

The inspectors arrived at 10am and Mrs Cooper greeted them with a smile and presented Danebank’s programming and samples, saying she hoped these “would engage them”. It was anticipated they would take at least two hours to go through the documents. 



So, Mrs Buckley said she was surprised when, after just an hour, she and Mrs Cooper were called back: “This is way earlier than expected … it’s either going to be good or bad news!” Mrs Buckley thought. 

“It turns out the feedback was absolutely fabulous! We were praised for the alignment of programs to work samples, to assessments and the tracking of student achievements. 

"The inspectors also complimented the care taken in setting and marking assessment tasks. They commented that they could easily identify Danebank’s commitment to each individual student’s learning, and that our school takes into account all levels of learning from those requiring extra assistance to challenging high potential learners,” Mrs Buckley said.

The inspectors said the Stage 3 staff’s dedication to their students “jumped out” at them.  One even commented that, while he has read through many school programs, all with a different level of engagement from him, he could feel how lovely it would be to be a child in Danebank’s classes, adding this is a feeling he does not often have.

Said Mrs Buckley: “We are immensely proud of the dedication and commitment each teacher at Danebank has. They are devoted to ensuring your daughter is given the best opportunity to shine, to have a magnificent future and be empowered to be the best she can be.

“This external encouragement from NESA that we are getting it right is the icing on the cake.”

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