We are thankful that we were able to meet in person to say a warm Danebank farewell to our Class of 2020 last week. For this event, Dr Burgess was expected to continue a decades-long tradition.

Miss Bird (Principal 1988-2009) started the tradition by writing a story that included each graduating student by name. This was followed by Mrs Davis (2010-2019) who wrote a song for staff to sing and perform at the graduating class' farewell.

In the light of this, Dr Burgess felt the weight of tradition heavily on her shoulders. She explains that, eventually, after dinner one night, a family member suggested the whole Burgess clan help write a poem ... and here it is!

Dr Emma Burgess
Dr Emma Burgess

Dawn and dusk the years pass by,
seeing the women before me fly
Starting from Pre-K and Kindy too
Ready to go with new ties and shoe
Hearing advice from parents and kin
And learning to listen to the voice within
Watching you flourish is quite a delight
Watching you rise like eagles mid flight
Favourite moments are numerous true
But here I’ll try to recite some for you
Mia Y from Kindy loved art and choir
Laughs and sports and singing round a campfire
Ying Sherry Z with a heart of gold
Growing and showing us how to be bold
Victoria Z loved the journey and more
This mid-summer dream we all do adore
With Elizabeth W sweet and sincere
Each chocolate fountain you see will bring cheer
Winnie Z with her caring heart
Showed us how quickly ingenuity can start
Yige X so gracious and kind
Helping us see by whom we’re designed
Sophie W our hiking queen
Climbing to the peaks none have seen
Tiarne Y from Richmond house
Showing a fire that none can douse
Natalie M is a strong individual
From the arts to the world they are a jewel
Sky P with music inside
Ready to flourish and take it in stride
Taylor M with elegance and grace
Showing us all how life to embrace
Miah P creative and sweet
Any number of things with her are a treat
Charlotte M with her basket ball hoops
Confident and strong that none can dupe
Grace P is like her name says
Because A=grace that she clearly does
Talia M the hospitable one
Cherished and valued is this special one
Caitlin N our dear little Wendy
Kind and sweet and always so trendy
Anne Annie M with a giant heart
Creative and talent in every art
Yud Mei Tracy L our BOND leader
Bright and strong as a mighty red cedar
Zoe M our courageous speaker
Her diamond heart is really the kicker
Gabrielle L with strength like Lynch
Ready to help you in every pinch
Bethan M with friends a-plenty
We can’t wait to see you even at twenty
Claudette M so poised and strong
Played guitar for us all night long
Monique S so truly courageous
Her heart so kind and lovingly gracious
Yunyun Tina T with her smile
Makes you glad when near by a mile
Marissa S with feet on the ground
When she is near it’s a wonderful sound
Gemma T I am happy to say
Has a heart for all in the very best way
Phoebe S flipped right on track
She is always there and has your back
Natalia P we welcome with glee
This incredible person is someone to see
Thea T like a blooming rose
Ready for life whatever it throws
Sophie S a a stunning leader
When she speaks we all do heed her
Eva T with dignity true
Showed her strength and what she really can do
Alexa S writer fantastique
Their words thrilled in a way so drastic
AJ T with head held high
Showed us all what it means to fly
Amelia S with a good bit of fun
We had a good time and laughs by the ton
Charlotte V with eyes on the skies
Ready for life and every surprise
Alina S a true blue diamond
Went through the rough and out to the highland
Maryama V our jack of all trades
If you need a hand she has it in spades
Bernadine P has beat her PB
Strong of will ready whatever may be
Laura R so powerful and true
Thick and thin are there for you
Olivia H on her we’re hooked
When she stepped on stage the whole world looked
Rebecca F a creative queen
On all she does a lovely sheen
Peta G a true artiste
To every show we do enlist
To Anna H we raise our glass
Bringing a beautiful element of class
Grace F with creative arts
We cannot wait to see the sparks
Charlotte G opens the door
Striding forth and ready for more
Caitlin H has memories all
Fun with friends is never small
Abbey F stunned with her looks
Creating costumes never seen from books
Jasmine G our own dragon
To her we all do raise a flagon
Lauren H made roots run deep
As ever into our hearts they creep
Lilie J with striking fire
To be her friend we all desire
Maddison G ignited our passion
Kindness here she never did ration
Aliyah H will soon take flight
Rising up and ready to fight
Antonia J has really grown
You see how she has come to her own
Aoife H will help you stand
Build you up while grasping her hand
Kimberley L got her head in the game
After these years it will never be the same
Emily I is a positive force
Nothing can change or knock her off course
Sophie L loves jumping right in
Be net or ball or even fin
Roma K with all the joy
The shine for life we can’t employ
Erica A shines like a star
With a vision so bright they are sure to go far
Lara B our waterpolo cap
With so much knowledge just waiting to tap
Lauren C with an air of grace
We love having Lauren in every space
Kristina A from softball comes
Heart beat pounding like a set of drums
Sophie B with so much strength
Yet with a peace that comes at length
Mia C our dressup royal
You could never find someone as loyal
Fatima A with a heart of gold
Stories of her will forever be told
Kathryn B with all her passion
Nothing she does will ever fade fashion
With Sophie C we’ve a common love
Finding ways to love like a dove
Patrice D our master chef
From top to base we cherish like clef
Zara B through think and thin
With her around non can give in
Holly C with Gold for the Duke
With so much talent its for sure not a fluke
Maja D the wonderful harpist
Her wit and smarts set apart this artist
Sophia E is a true gem
From this talent watch more will stem
Sasha F with her quick wit
Anywhere they go are sure to fit
Alana E we fan your flame
Of your achievements we all proclaim
Caitlin F carves the sea
Nothing can change how we wait to see
Bronte A a musician we love
Gifted grace right down from above
These women have fought and for courage strived
But look at them now and how much they’ve thrived
We can’t wait to see where your roads will lead
All the best and good wishes indeed