Danebank Junior School launched Passion Project as an initiative for Year 6 students to campaign and spread awareness about issues they are passionate about. Our aim is that students will continue to advocate and use their voice to bring about change at school, at home and perhaps in the wider world.

Recently, Nadine H chose to educate her classmates about Dravet syndrome, a rare, catastrophic and lifelong form of epilepsy which her eight-year-old sister, Sarah has. Read Nadine’s speech below, and play along with the game she made up for her classmates.


This year, Danebank is donating any Woolworths Earn and Learn stickers collected to Cairnsfoot School, where Sarah is a student. Anyone collecting stickers can simply drop them into the box at the Junior School office before Tuesday 25 June 2019.

Good afternoon everyone my name is Nadine, I am in year 6 and I am part of a group called the Passion Project. A requirement of Project Passion is to find a topic I am passionate about and raise it’s awareness. My passion is caring for my younger sister Sarah. Sarah is eight years old and has a severe disability called Dravet syndrome.

Before I begin to tell you about Dravet syndrome, I have put together a little game:

Question 1:

Hands on your head if you think Dravet syndrome is a form of epilepsy.

The answer is: Yes it is.
Sit down if you put your hands on your hips.

Question 2:

Hands on your head if you think Dravet syndrome does affects your ability to walk. Hands on hips if you think is doesn’t affects your ability to walk.

The answer is: Yes it does.
Sit down if you put your hands on your hips

Question 3:

Hands on your hips if you think that Dravet syndrome is NOT treatable. Hands on your heads if you think it IS treatable.

The answer is: NOT treatable.
Sit down if you put your hands on your heads.

sisters dravet syndrome
Nadine and her sister Sarah

Dravet syndrome is a rare and severe form of epilepsy. 1 in 20,000 people have it.

Dravet syndrome can give you frequent seizures. This means that your brain doesn’t know how to control your body and you suddenly have random jerks until you can’t breathe.

Dravet syndrome also affects your ability to walk and talk. The reason for this is because your brain is like a computer. It is wired in a certain way, so that you have the ability to do things; but some people’s brains are wired differently so they struggle to do everyday activities because their brain is not programmed to do them.

In Passion Project I have had the opportunity to explain and raise awareness of Dravet syndrome. My main goal is to tell people about Dravet so that we can raise money for my sister’s disability and possibly find a cure before I lose my sister.

This year, the school has decided to give all the Woolworth’s Earn and Learn stickers to Cairnsfoot School, where my sister goes, so they will have the opportunity to play with new equipment.

So thank you to each and everyone one of you who will contribute to this cause. Nadine H, Year 6

Learn more about Dravet syndrome here: www.dravetfoundation.org/what-is-dravet-syndrome/