Does history make tradition?

As we celebrate our Founder’s Day this year we are reminded of our history and the valuable traditions that are a huge part of our school community.

Founder’s Day is a day to remember where we started, our foundations… Danebank was founded in 1933 when a group of Hurstville parents, led by the Crakanthorp family, engaged Miss Edith Roseby Ball to educate their young children. She began with five girls and boys, by 1979 the school’s population had grown to 610 students and today we are blessed to have 975 girls in our vibrant school environment. This is our history, from this many beautiful traditions have bloomed.

Traditions help provide structure and a foundation to our community, they remind us how we got to where we are and aid in shaping the future and what we hope to become.

Miss Roseby Ball had compassion and high educational standards which was the foundation that established the school’s most enduring traditions:
– A Christian school where students are educated to be useful, achieving citizens;
– A school whose students achieve their best academic outcomes;
– A school where less able students are accepted;
– A school whose learning environment supports innovative academic programs;
– A school where development of facilities and infrastructure is constant in order to meet changing educational needs.

When we celebrate our history and participate in ongoing traditions like Founder’s Day, we are all brought together, able to reconnect and belong with a sense of comfort that we have all contributed to this community in some way shape or form. Reinforcing that we share the same values and faith.

Celebrating tradition offers everyone involved the opportunity to say thank you for the contribution that someone has made, whether that be today or historically and to reflect on what it means to them.

Happy Founder’s Day to the entire Danebank Community, another day in the history of our school.

The Anglican Schools Australia Newsletter published this story in their April 2019 edition. Read it here.


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