Principal Mrs Maryanne Davis encouraged students to be determined and courageous in their efforts to work towards social justice for all.  Looking at the four elements of our Danebank S.E.A.L. of approval - Service, Enthusiasm, Agility and Leadership - it is obvious that they all work together.

Really serving others won’t happen unless you have enthusiasm. Without enthusiasm and a willingness to be agile in your responses to others, service will be shallow and dry.

By wanting to meet the needs of others above your own, you are displaying the characteristic of a leader. At the core of leadership, is being willing to enthusiastically serve others in ways that are agile enough to change as needs change.

‘Social justice working’

Catrina Henderson, an Aussie girl living in Tel Aviv pioneering and pastoring Hillsong Israel, explains: “Social Justice Working is an expression of compassion, focused on bringing God’s justice to bear on everything you do. It is about bringing about completeness, wholeness, wellbeing and harmony. Social Justice Working means that you focus on the way things could and should be, the way things would be in all their fullness.“

I sincerely hope an ambition of each one of you is to bring “completeness, wellbeing and harmony” to your family, your friends, our school and the wider community.

To do that, you will have to give yourself space and time to examine your own thoughts, motives and actions. You should be involved with the big-picture needs like homelessness and the welfare of girls in developing

But, you also need to do more. You need to examine how you display “social justice working” to those around you. Are you looking to promote others’ wellbeing, or are you looking just to meet your own needs? In order to make yourself feel or look good, are you being unfair or mean? If we are honest, we all do that at times.

Be courageous!
We need to have the determination and the courage to change what we can. So, today my challenge to you is to be determined, to build the courage to serve, to show social justice not only to those in the wider world but also to those closest to you.

This is a lot more difficult, and it needs to be done every day, not just every now and then! So be courageous social champions in all you do and say in the week ahead.