Extra Opportunities

At Danebank, our girls are encouraged to pursue their interests and talents in the wider life of the school through an extensive range of Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular programs.

Research clearly shows that a diverse education develops neural pathways in the brain, and our girls reap the benefits when they engage in the unique opportunities and experiences we offer our students outside of the classroom.

It is therefore truly beneficial for each student to follow paths of discovery and exploration in the Co-Curricular programs. While many follow their natural passions, there are also many who make discoveries of interest and passion in avenues they would never have expected to be engaged in.

All of this works together to offer a holistic approach to education.

Academic Activities & Competitions

For both Junior & Senior students

Duke of Edinburgh Award

For students from Years 9-12

Service to Others

One of Danebank’s greatest strengths is the school motto, Ut Prosim, which means ‘That I May Serve’.

Camps & Travel

Activities helping students to develop independence and confidence

Festivals & Celebrations


Christian Clubs & Activities

Clubs for various age groups held at lunch times


Extra language lessons


For technology enthusiasts

Creative & Performing Arts

Junior & Senior creative and performing arts


Students of all ages may participate in extra musical activities.


Find out more about how to enrol, school tours, scholarships and our Life Skills program.

Latest News

Danebank is a vibrant school environment where we focus on and celebrate achievements of all kinds. The latest News is published online and in printed form through a variety of channels.