A film crew visited our campus today as part of the preparations for our first virtual open morning (you may have noticed the Facebook or Instagram promotions). I am excited that we are embracing this new way to introduce our school to prospective families and their daughters.

While preparing my presentation for this filming, I reflected again on what a strong and positive community we are. Our staff are facing the challenges brought on by the Covid pandemic with faith and positivity, and, even though our levels of energy may be tested, as a team we do not waver.

The same goes for our magnificent girls! Year 12 students today wrote the last of their HSC trial exams, which under normal circumstances are taxing. This year, though, our graduate students are living through a historically unique situation. However, when I speak to our young women, they display a tenacity and resilience I am proud of, this while acknowledging and working through the stressors of the situation.

Dr Emma Burgess
Dr Emma Burgess


These last two weeks I have also enjoyed having lunch with Year 6 as they prepare to enter Senior School. Our girls take time to write their future-self a letter about their hopes and aspirations. As per Danebank tradition, these letters will be returned to the girls for opening as they finish Year 12 in 2026.

The Anglican Schools Corporation (TASC) Review

As mentioned in previous correspondence, we will be conducting the TASC Review survey this term. This survey is an invaluable tool to determine how our school is tracking over time, as it forms part of the five-yearly reviews of each of the TASC schools.

Parents will receive the link on Monday 24 August from TASC. I want to encourage you to complete this important survey as your feedback will help us identify areas of improvement and play an important role in charting Danebank’s course into the future. I also want to thank those parents who participated in last Term’s AIS Perspectives Survey. The results of these two surveys will be highlighted in future communications.

Help all to be healthy during Covid

My letter earlier this week provided an update on restrictions we have implemented at Danebank, in an effort to continue to protect our girls.

We will soon be communicating with you about our plans for new-look and adapted end-of-year functions such as the Year 12 Showcase and Year 12 Graduation ceremony, as well as our plans for the continuation of sport.

We are expecting the finalised publication of the NSW Health guidelines for schools shortly, and will update our community with any further impacts or changes.

Support and Care

While we are all disappointed about these restrictions, I trust that you will recognise that the decisions are made with the girls at heart. Our girls continue to have access to the best mental health support we can offer at the school. However, please be encouraged to seek additional support for your family if the need arises:

Danebank COVID Health Action Plan

Finally, I would like to reiterate the importance that we all adhere to our school’s Health Action Plan. We have been experiencing an increase in the number of students -- Senior and Junior -- coming to school with cold- or flu-like symptoms, such as a runny nose, sore throat or cough.

Please do not send your daughter to school if she is displaying any of these symptoms, keep her at home when she is unwell. In line with NSW Health regulations, please have her tested for COVID-19 should she display even the slightest symptoms.



Lights, camera, action!
Lights, camera, action!
Film crew on site
Film crew on site