Five Minute Moments

How do we “walk the talk” (this year’s theme for our school)?
How do we live an authentic life where our actions reflect our goals, hopes, dreams and beliefs, both for ourselves and others?
Being able to act in such ways depends a lot on our ability to self-regulate: that is, our ability to manage our emotions and thus our behaviour, across a wide range of situations and relationships.
Being able to self-regulate is an essential skill young people need to develop. But how does one learn to self-regulate in the tough and often “scary” world of the teenager, where hormones, emotions, relationships and their view of themselves changes so quickly, almost daily?
How do they stop and start to reflect on their own emotions and behaviours, and consider how to respond in a thoughtful way?
This article, written by Rebecca Sparrow, gives us one starting point to consider.

High School Is All About 5-Minute Moments ....

Sunday nights are hard. They're especially hard knowing you have to go back to school the next day.
Maybe you hate school. Maybe you hate who you *are* at school. Maybe you're the bully. The mean girl. The pack leader. Maybe you're the target. The person nobody sees. Maybe you're the bystander. Maybe you've been all three.
High school is all about five minute moments.
Each day - at least once - there'll be a moment when you have five minutes to decide WHO YOU WANT TO BE.

Someone makes you furious.
Someone insults you.
Someone 'had it coming'.
Someone is lame or a joke or an easy target.
Someone looks up themselves on Insta , is pathetic or thirsty for attention.
Someone is embroiled in gossip.

You're itching to say something. To start something. To make a mean joke to make yourself look good. But in the next five minutes - you decide which path you're going to take. You get to decide WHO. YOU. ARE.
In that five minutes when you're tempted to stick the boot in, to have a go, to be cruel, to spread a story .... don't. Breathe. Let it go. Walk away from your device. Go outside. Drink some tea. Take a walk. Talk to someone who brings out your best self. Cuddle your dog. Think about who you really are underneath that tough exterior. Think about the person you want to be in high school. If you're hurting, talk to a favourite teacher or a parent.
Don't be that person who makes others feel small to make yourself look cool.
You're better than that.
Just get through that five minutes.

Now maybe you're the target.
Maybe someone is teasing you or you're being bullied.
Maybe it feels like the walls are closing in.
Maybe you think it's always going to feel this bad.
Maybe you think they're right - that you're a loser or pathetic or have no friends.
Maybe it feels like you will never escape the gossip or the torment or the bullying.
Maybe you've lost hope. Maybe you want to say to them, "YOU WIN. ARE YOU HAPPY?"
Just give it five minutes.
Breathe. Go outside. Take a walk. Play your favourite music. Phone someone who loves you. Log on to ReachOut.org.au. Call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800. Go for a run or a swim. Bake something. Eat something. Google "Ruby Rose Lisa Wilkinson Osher Gunsburg Eddie Woo Dylan Alcott bullying" and see what you find. Talk to your parents or your favourite teacher and make a plan.
Just give it five minutes and let the moment pass. It WILL pass. Just get yourself through these five minutes and let that pain pass over you and away.
High school is about five minute moments. Life is about five minute moments where we feel angry or jealous or afraid or sad. Feel the feelings and let them pass.
Your high school legacy is all those five-minute moments stitched together. In those moments did you show up as your best self? Were you kind? Loyal? Brave? Did you show integrity? Empathy? Resilience?
Take it one moment at a time. And in those moments, choose kind. Kind to others. Kind to yourself.

Take five minutes. Just five. And with time that five minutes grows into 5 hours, 5 days, even 5 years. Time when you can live authentically, understand who you are and make choices about who and what you want to be. What you stand for.
You can “walk the talk”. You can be who you picture yourself to be.
All in just five minute moments.

Five minute moments blog post


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