Harmony Day Report

On the 15th March of this term, students in Years 7 to 12 celebrated something that had never been officially held before in the Senior School – Harmony Day!

It was truly memorable since girls and teachers were thoroughly involved in this cooperative project between the Prefect Body, the Ut Prosim Group and the Student Representative Council. There was a multitude of fantastic costumes on the day, as girls dressed up in outfits from their own or other cultures, with the enthusiasm extending to teachers.

This celebration of cultural diversity was upheld by the cheerful spirits of the entire school, as everyone got into the spirit of the day, let loose and allowed themselves to experience cultures they might not have considered before.

Showcase proved an immense success due to the outstanding and varied performances of the eager participants, and, of course, let’s not forget the whole-school “Hoe-Down Throw-Down”, held by our very own Nicola Dabboussy. This was swiftly followed by the educational activities, hosted by the leadership groups, with many reports of fun-filled sessions heard!

These activities not only allowed the students to take-in what they learnt in a different manner, but also gave them the opportunity to be actively involved as they became part of the day’s spirit.

And let us not forget about the food … a real success! Needless to say, there was ample for everybody, and then some! A massive thank you to the dedicated parents and family members who must have laboured many hours to provide such wonderful dishes and a warm thank you to all the staff and students for getting involved in this brilliant day!


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