Today's world is more complex and unpredictable than ever before; it is ever-changing and more complicated socially, environmentally and politically. For teens, this can create confusion around their sense of meaning and a purpose. 

How can we help our teenagers develop skills to be successful in this new and complex era?

Previous generations have been able to more easily develop skills such as adaptability, social and cultural interactions, productivity and problem-solving to be successful. In our current climate, teens are bombarded with pressure from social media and rapid technological changes, so a few additional character traits are vital for them to thrive, to have the faith that they can lead and make decisions, and to take action and have a positive impact on the world around them.

In his article “How to Raise a Tough Teen”, Glen Gerreyn* discusses how helping teens improve their ability to be proactive, how developing their hardiness and how teaching them to take action, can result in them being better able to navigate their future pathways and to feel positive and engaged in this complex world we live in.

*Glen Gerreyn is the Director and Co-founder of the HopeFull Institute, which was developed to deliver information to schools and their communities to navigate, think and discuss the complexity of contemporary society. Visit their site here. 

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