This week our Founder’s Day commemorations coincided with global celebrations for International Women’s Day. As a school community we honoured and remembered Miss Edith Roseby Ball, the founder of our School and we celebrated all the inspirational women who have followed in her footsteps, through living a life of purpose, compassion and service to others.

Danebank women inspire us as we see women leaders who consistently look to the future and envision new possibilities with a sense of hope and trust in God, knowing that their labour was for Him and the girls and community they serve.

Sophia Katsinas is one of our inspirational young women who is quietly making a difference and shaping our modern world. At our Founder’s Day Assembly, Sophia was awarded the Edith Roseby Ball Award for Compassion. Sophia graduated from Danebank in 2014, having attended our school since Year 7. She recently started a new role as Digital Editor for Switzer Financial Group. She credits Danebank for instilling in her the humble values that have paved the way for her serving others.

Dr Emma Burgess announced as new Principal Danebank Anglican School for Girls

Sophia recently returned from volunteering with EuroRelief, a Greek non-profit, non-governmental organisation on the Greek island of Lesbos, that provides assistance to the many refugees arriving from war-torn Syria.

The camp that Sophia served at, was overflowing with 10,000 more people than it was designed for. As a young, untrained woman upon arrival, she wanted to help and do whatever she could to make the lives of the refugees a little brighter: from pitching tents, to listening to mothers tell their stories of escaping the Taliban. She befriended many people in the camp and believes she did not make a difference to them only, but also to herself.

Sophia says Danebank helped concrete her belief that: “You shouldn’t aim to be better than anyone else” and she finds inspiration from those who look at everyone as their equal.

As we listened to Sophia in her address to the assembly, I was reminded again that she and other Danebank women like her, embodied our hope and desire for all Danebank girls… that they would be empowered to flourish and serve in a rapidly changing world, and that they would shape the modern world with Christ’s love.

This highlighted one of the many benefits of an all girl’s education at Danebank where:

In a girls’ school you can do anything, you can be anything. You see it every day from your alumni, teachers, instructors and captains.

- Loren Bridge, 2020

Research clearly demonstrates that single-sex education benefits girls. Girls thrive in an all-girls environment: they do better academically, socially and emotionally. Girls develop a strong sense of confidence, self-belief and are empowered to be themselves.

At Danebank, our girls are surrounded by inspiring and empowered role models who demonstrate through their own life of service, the enduring values of our Founder, Miss Edith Roseby Ball.