What motivated you to take part in The World’s Greatest Shave?
As Ut Prosim coordinator, I was involved with the students’ decision to have the McGrath Foundation as one of our key charities for this year. It is such a worthwhile cause.

Do you have any family members or close friends who have been affected by cancer?
I have had several family members die from lung cancer. I also have two very close friends who have gone through breast cancer surgery and treatment. Losing their hair was a significant event for them. Some of my kids in my year group have been impacted by this disease. On top of this, I have worked with some lovely people who have had this cancer. I don’t think there are many of us who haven’t been affected in some way by cancer.

How did the staff respond to you shaving your hair?
The staff here are always amazingly supportive of the charity things we do through the Ut Prosim team. They were encouraging and supportive in this too.

How did the students respond to you shaving your hair?
They were terrific. They donated $2500 to see my hair go. Most of this money was raised because the night before the shave, Year 11 emailed the other year groups and encouraged them to donate $5 each. This was effective as we raised $2000 in one day. The kids loved the sight of me losing hair but there were some horrified faces in front of me when it was happening!

How did your mum respond to you shaving your hair?
Mum loves my hair so she was not thrilled with the new haircut!

How long have you been at Danebank? What do you love most about being part of our school?
This is my seventh year at Danebank. I love being here. The girls are brilliant to teach. They are funny and kind. They want to learn and are keen to help others. My classes are always a little crazy and there is never a dull moment. My year group is fabulous and it is a privilege to be their school mum. I also love the Christian teaching here, I love chapel and enjoy being able to pray with the kids and the staff. Finally, the staff here are dedicated professionals who are just so good to work with. Nothing is ever too much trouble. They teach the kids so well and are willing to go the extra mile for their students and will always help in any charity thing we want to do. My daughter is in year 8 and she loves her teachers and her friends here. We feel very blessed to be here.

How do you hope your efforts influence the girls here at Danebank?
I want to teach Jesus to them. There is no point talking about Jesus if you are not willing to live the way he did. Jesus loved everyone and was willing to meet them where they were in order to see them saved. My hope is that they also know Jesus and get to be in this amazing saving relationship with him. I would hope to be living out his example to them, as well as teaching him faithfully in class.

Please tell us about the other out-reach opportunities you involve our girls with and your work with Ut Prosim
Each year the girls in the Ut Prosim team get to choose two charities to support, along with our regular ones of Katoke and MAD for homelessness. This year we picked the McGrath Foundation and the White Ribbon Organisation. Both focus on women’s issues, breast cancer and domestic violence. Katoke looks overseas to our sister school in Tanzania. MAD for Homelessness is a group that serves homeless people in Sydney by providing new clothing for them. Year 10 students get the opportunity to go out with MAD each year. All great causes.

What is at the heart of your out-reach at school?
Jesus never said no to anyone in need. He fed the hungry, healed the sick and protected the innocent. Being a Christian has to mean following his example. He loved us enough to sacrifice his life. Surely that means we can give of ourselves to serve others. Ut Prosim ‘that I may serve’ is the heart of following Christ. To know we have been saved through grace and love should compel all of us to show that same sort of love and grace to others. I would hope that by giving the girls the opportunities to serve others they become life, long servants with hearts that always look out for people in need.