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Our curriculum & facilities


The curriculum focuses on:

English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Studies of Human Society and Environment, Christian Studies, Physical Education and Health.
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education and Creative and Practical Arts which includes Visual Arts, Music and Drama. Music is a special focus with choirs, bands, strings ensemble and other musical opportunities offered for students.
Literacy and Numeracy skills are emphasised at all year levels.

Specialist Staff and Facilities

Specialist Teachers provide tuition in a range of areas including:


Students attend Library lessons once a week with a specialist Teacher/Librarian. The Library is one of the girls’ favourite places, because of its modern décor, bean bags and whole school environment. Lessons focus on the development of literacy and information research skills, and a love of literature is fostered. The Librarian collaborates with class teachers to support learning in the classroom and to enhance students’ learning experiences through integrated learning experiences.

The Library is open at lunchtimes so students can relax and read a book sitting in a bean bag, access information online, borrow books, both hard copy and e-books and/or research for project information.

Library Facility:

A large library supports learning across all areas of the curriculum. Library lessons focus on the development of literacy and information research skills.

It contains:

  • Areas for group work;
  • Extensive catalogues for borrowing;
  • Special Library Programs
  • Book Week Book Fair

The NSW Premiers Reading Challenge has great results. The Program encourages girls to stretch themselves by reading widely. Many girls take up the challenge each year.

The Library also invites guest authors to talk to the girls during Book Week.


Sports lessons are taught by specialists who offer a broad range of sporting experiences, including extra curricular opportunities. Students can participate in various sporting competitions including Athletics, Cricket, Netball, Soccer, Softball, Tee-ball and Tennis. See separate Sports section for more details.


A specialist computer laboratory supports the Digital Learning curriculum which is integrated across all areas of learning. Each classroom has 3-4 computers and access to pods of iPads and laptops. All students in years 3-5 are each issues with a school Chrome book for use in the classroom. Year 6 currently bring their own iPad to school.

A specialist ICT Integrator teaches weekly lessons in collaboration with classroom teachers to develop technological skills, including research, learning and presentation using various modes of technology. Coding is introduced and taught from Kindergarten using devices such as Bee Bots.


Students have weekly lessons in Japanese which is taught from Kindergarten in a specially set up Japanese Room. This language was chosen because Japanese is culturally rich and because Japan is one of Australia’s nearest trading partners.

The school has established a special Japanese Room where students not only learn the language, but also experience Japanese cultural norms, including:

  • Removing their shoes before entering the room
  • Sitting on cushions on the floor at low tables
  • Learning correct greetings and modes of expression.

The teaching of Japanese encourages:

  • Respect for other cultures;
  • Extending students’ abilities to attempt something quite different;
  • Appreciation of one’s native language;
  • Understanding how languages develop;
  • Learning about other cultures.


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