Message from Mrs Maryanne Davis, Principal of Danebank An Anglican School for Girls to our students, parents and wider community:

I was recently asked by the The Most Reverend Dr Glenn Davies Archbishop of Sydney to, along with 37 other Anglican schools in Greater Sydney and the Illawarra, co-sign an open letter regarding the importance of religious freedom in our schools.

The letter calls for the right to employ staff who support the ethos of the school, whether they subscribe to it or not. Sadly, some news media have incorrectly reported on the issue, leading to widespread misinformation and comment.

We are saddened that the media coverage and resultant misunderstanding have caused distress to any of our current or past students.

Danebank is a community, and caring for each other is what strong communities do. Our focus has always been to love, care and support students and staff through the challenges of life with compassion and grace, just as we have seen demonstrated through the life of Jesus. We will continue to be a place where every individual is valued, supported and cherished.

We want to ensure that every person associated with Danebank knows that we will fight for the right for every girl to become her best woman, to be empowered and to be confident in who she is and all she can become. This is who we are.

Danebank has always been and will continue to be a community that welcomes and embraces people, regardless of their faith, sexuality or culture. This was the premise when the school was founded in 1933 and every generation since has flourished being part of this wonderful and inclusive culture.

We value your input and invite anyone to contact us with their response or comments.