Encourage students to build and strengthen friendships, study habits and skills

Each year I choose a theme for my talks in Senior School assembly. This year, it is the phrase It’s time to build.

I have been speaking of the need to consciously make the effort to “be more awesome tomorrow than you are today”. I have been encouraging the girls to consider how they might build and strengthen their friendships, how they might build and strengthen their study habits, how they might build their organisational skills and how they might build their ability to cope when things go wrong.

There is a great deal written about resilience; about the ability to “bounce back” from failures and difficult times in our lives. As a school community – girls, parents, teachers, non-teaching staff and coaches – we all need to work together to assist our girls to have an active, positive response to difficult moments in their lives.

We need to have the courage to stand beside them as they work out the way to step forward rather than stepping in for them. Often it can seem easier and quicker to try and solve our children’s problems for them rather than helping them to solve these themselves.

That certainly doesn’t mean that we leave them on their own to find their way in difficult situations, but rather that we are always thinking that “it’s time to build”, and helping them to develop the skills to work their way through problems, to try again after a failure and to look for different approaches to problems when the first approach has been unsuccessful.

Our Danebank girls are simply magnificent – let’s help them build personal strengths that will make them more awesome tomorrow than they are today.

Year 11 Play
Recently, I attended the Year 11 play, Endgame, by Samuel Beckett. This was a challenging piece of theatre for our young actors. The performance was amazing and all in attendance were stunned by the calibre of the presentation and interpretation of this play.

Saturday Sport
Our Saturday sport in Term 1 was impacted upon by both extreme heat and excessive rain. This term we have had a much better start. I enjoy attending the games, watching the girls and chatting to parents.

Mrs M Davis, Principal


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