Pre-Kindergarten is the official year of entry into Danebank’s Junior School

Danebank’s Pre-Kinder program uses play along with an understanding of little girls’ natural curiosity and sense of fun to enable them to explore and look at things in a new light, thoroughly preparing them for Kindergarten.

Our Pre-K girls are learning all the time, without even being aware of it. They are learning to socialise and develop new friendships, and  gain the necessary skills and independence to be able to go to “big school”. They play and explore non-stop, while being encouraged to think, observe, identify and differentiate.

In the brand-new Pre-K facility, girls are welcomed and nurtured by a fully qualified and experienced early childhood teacher and a qualified trained teacher assistant. The aim is to give them the best start as they develop routines in a safe, caring and enriched environment so that the first year of “big school” is anticipated with excitement.

The girls in our Pre-K classes enjoy the full benefit of being part of the Danebank school community and educational environment, with specialist Sports, Library, Music and Christian Studies staff also teaching them weekly.


What Parents say about the Pre-Kinder Program

1. A Great preparation for Kindergarten.

By the time the children enter Kindergarten, they are familiar with the whole school environment so they are not entering a new environment. This makes Pre-Kinder an easy, nurturing way to give children their start.

When there are no settling in problems to Kindy, it means children are ready to concentrate.

Pre-Kinder children are excited, not nervous about starting Kindy – they looked forward to a new teacher and more interaction with other children.

Socialisation and development of friendships in Pre-Kinder also impacts on starting Kindy. They already know other children.

Learning to be responsible for their own things in Pre-Kinder and learning to work in set routines is very good preparation for Kindy.

2. A Positive Environment

Danebank’s Pre-Kinder is a safe, caring, enriched environment which emphasises Christian values. Many parents comment on the caring, nurturing attitudes of the staff.

3. Great for specific Danebank Programs

Pre-Kinder children are taught by specialist Sports, Library, Music and Christian Studies staff.

Parents say these are “Fabulous”. Not only are children exposed to a broader scope of learning, but they also develop a whole school perspective. Many children love the Library best because of its whole school environment (they “see big girls there”) and, of course, because of the books.

4. Uniform

Pre-K in Summer wear the comfortable skort and polo shirt option of the official school uniform. Their hot pink socks and white joggers differentiate them from the older girls. In winter they wear a special Danebank Pre-Kinder track suit. These are available from the school’s Uniform Shop.

5. Add-on Programs

Parents appreciate opportunities to enrol children in extra activities like Learn to Swim and Gymnastics which means parents don’t have to take their children somewhere else to do these activities. One mother said she was glad she “didn’t have to drive all around Sydney” for these programs.

6. The Program

Students are taught an accredited pre-school program in a happy, secure environment. The Program caters to individual needs and interests and gives opportunities for creative expression.

  • A Library lesson once a week.
  • Christian Education lessons.
  • Lessons with the school’s sports teachers
  • Music lesson with specialist teacher
  • Learn to swim.
  • Preparation for school through attendance at Junior School Chapels and
  • Assemblies.
  • Pre-Kinder Classes have access to other Danebank facilities – Performing Arts Centre, Aquatic Centre, Gymnasium, Resources Centre (Library), play equipment etc.

7. Staff

The class of 22 students is taught by a fully qualified and experienced early childhood teacher and a qualified trained teacher assistant.

8. Accommodation

A brand new Pre-K area was completed in early 2018. Pre-K are enjoying the larger classroom of the new module building which is closer to the Stage 1 classroom area.

Enrolment in the Pre-Kinder

It is recommended that students turn 4 years old before 31st March in their Pre-Kinder year. Students whose birthdays fall from March to May may spend two years in Pre-Kinder if they are not ready to move on to Kindergarten. That decision is discussed between parents and the teacher so that each students’ learning and social needs are met.


Mondays – Thursdays: 8:50am – 3:00pm
Fridays: 8:50am – 2:45pm


Find out more about how to enrol, school tours, scholarships and our Life Skills program.

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