Prefects Term 1 2017 Report

Several successful initiatives

This term has been a fantastic success for the Senior School Prefect Body, with the implementation of several successful initiatives.

New Girls Packs

Our first project kicked off with the introduction of the “New Girls Packs” for new students in Years 8 to 12. A small parcel was created especially for them, containing some vital survival information about Danebank and how to navigate this maze so that it would eventually seem like a second home. A few prefects also volunteered to come to school the week before it started to introduce these girls to their new environment and to get them acquainted with their respective Year Patrons. This was a great success!

Buddies and Galantine’s Day

Another fantastic idea realised this term, was the implementation of the Buddy System, alongside its first venture, Galantine’s Day. Girls were paired off with a girl from a different year to create connections between year groups. Galantine’s Day saw these girls forming the initial bonds … over chocolate and a card of course! Further events are planned for later in the year to strengthen these newfound relationships.

Humans of Danebank

A new project of specifically the Year 11 prefects is the “Humans of Danebank” Instagram and Facebook page. Inspired by the creative work of “Humans of New York”, it has been a smooth transition into this venture, as both girls and staff become involved. Interviews result in answers ranging from serious philosophical advice to what would be in someone’s perfect sandwich!

We encourage all girls to participate in this and to follow our social media accounts to keep up to date with all the latest!

Harmony Day

Harmony Day was a triumph! There was a clear sense of engagement, with the notion of community thoroughly reinforced through everybody’s eager involvement and participation in the activities. And let’s not forget the abundant amounts of food provided by our very own students! However, it was only through the harmonious cooperation of the three student leadership bodies (the Prefects, the Ut Prosim, and the SRC) that it turned out as it did – a fantastic success! So thank you to the staff, to the other leadership bodies, and of course, to the girls, for making our role as the Prefect Body, such an enjoyable one this term!



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