While not a selective school, Danebank students score well above averages for the state in competitions and external examinations. Around 90% Danebank graduates qualify for university entrance.

Danebank has been listed as one of the state’s top schools for Mathematics and English as listed in the Sydney Morning Herald. These subjects have been chosen by the Board of Studies as best general indicators of schools’ results.


2 Unit German, 2 Unit Legal Studies, 2 Unit Modern History, 2 Unit Computing, 3 Unit Legal Studies, 2 Unit Design & Technolgy (2008), Information Technology (2009), Modern Greek Beginners (2014)

Most Danebank students gain tertiary degrees, leading to professional careers.
In recent years, outstanding Drama results have resulted in one student having her Play presented in ‘OnStage’ at the Seymour Centre, another Drama student was invited to perform there and a third had her set designs displayed.

Visual Arts works are regularly held over for the ArtExpress Exhibition.

Design & Technology works are regularly held over for displays with the best in the state.

HSC 2016

In summary:

  1. Once again, English and Mathematics results were listed as indicating the strength of schools’ results. Danebank’s results in these courses were consistently high;
    • In English, Danebank came 6th in the state in English Standard (combined with ESL) and 34th in the combined English Advanced and Extension courses;
    • In Mathematics, Danebank came 28th in General Mathematics 2 Unit Course and 30th in Mathematics Extension 1 and 2 courses (combined);
  2. Almost all students qualified for Degree Courses|
  3. Three students achieved All-Rounder Awards
  4. Highest ATAR = 99.65
  5. 100% of Danebank students in 6 courses achieved a Band 5 or 6 (ie above 80%);
  6. More than 30% of the cohort achieved ATARs above 90.


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