Sense of Belonging

Visitors comment on the Danebank atmosphere. They remark that our girls are happy and friendly, that they are confident and comfortable in their school. We believe that this comes from the positive, nurturing approach we have to our students. Danebank girls make their mistakes in a forgiving environment. They are encouraged to persevere, to be resilient and to know their strengths. They develop self-confidence and positive personal standards that equip them for meaningful adult lives.

The school’s core values encourage students to uphold high personal standards that reflect the strong Christian ethos of the school. They are:

  • Care and compassion for ourselves and others
  • Seeking the truth in all situations
  • Integrity measured against the word of God
  • Respect for persons and property at all times
  • Responsibility for our own behaviour and actions
  • Understanding and tolerance


Danebank’s size makes the school big enough to offer many opportunities but small enough to ensure that all girls are known. It is an all-girls environment where our girls mix enthusiastically with one another unencumbered by gender pressures. They interact positively with friends from many year groups and they develop life-long friendships while at school.


Danebank prides itself on the pastoral care network it has established. Staff members are highly experienced and are committed to positively nurturing our students, to uphold and develop the unique personal strengths of each girl. Staff members know the girls well and they liaise with one another and with parents on behalf of students.

Year Coordinators have in-depth knowledge of their students’ needs and undertake the special care of their Year groups. They liaise with staff and parents to ensure that the needs of their year group are understood and promoted right throughout their high school years.

Where necessary they refer to the expertise of specialists such as:

  • School Chaplain
  • School Counsellors
  • Careers Counsellor

Other elements of individual care are provided by:

Pastoral Care, or BOND, time is usually held twice a week. BOND groups are small groups lead by a teacher and in Years 7 to 9, led by Year 11 Student Leaders. In BOND, students focus their activities on the precepts of Positive Education which assists students to flourish by understanding themselves.

During this time students look at personal goals, character strengths, stresses and how to deal with them in a resilient manner. They learn how to re-frame setbacks, look for solutions and plan their way forward.

Year 11 Peer support leaders assist Year 7 to settle into High School.

Year 11 students act as Bond Leaders to Years 8 and 9.

Year 12 students are offered additional assistance where they focus on study skills, stress management and other issues.

Positive reinforcement of responsible behaviour and outstanding achievement through Merit Card, Honour Badges, and House Point systems.
Role modelling. Students hear about people in the wider community who exemplify fine personal attributes.


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