Find out more about Danebank’s STEAM framework, as well as other learning and co-curricular opportunities for Years 5 and 6 by attending an Open Morning. Or contact our Registrar or 02 9580 1415.

What is the purpose of STEAM day?

STEAM Day encourages students’ curiosity and aims to help students learn through fun, interactive and educational activities and games. The day inspires students to explore and pursue their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.

What is the goal of STEAM?

The STEAM framework teaches students how to think critically, problem solve and use creativity. It prepares students to develop skills necessary for life such as curiosity, resilience, resourcefulness, collaboration, communication and innovation

What is STEAM design process?










Moments of Joy

  • Many “Aha!” moments when students were engaged in the challenges
  • Sense of joy when their designs worked
  • Built community spirit and collaboration
  • Develop and empower critical thinking skills (creativity, problem solving, resilience)
  • Boost curiosity
  • Personalised learning experiences which catered for each student’s strengths, needs, skills and interests
  • Played and designed with a purpose
  • Loved the opportunity to build and explore

Some of the learning experiences included:

Racing cars: Design a racing track and modify your toy car to make it travel around the track.










Water Slide: Build a waterslide from materials provided. The waterslide must hold water without leaking and use gravity to make water flow into the tub.

Fabric Design: Using felt and buttons, create a flower or other design. These creations will be joined together to form a wall hanging.

Build a structure: Design and build a tower using a pack of cards and blu tack to hold the weight of a student diary.

Catapult: Design and build a catapult. Objective is to project objects the furthest distance.

Research Project: How would you produce a disposable face mask? What would the inputs to the process be?

Makey Makey: Design and create a circuit using your chromebook and chosen code.