Students today are more digitally literate than students in any previous generation.

No matter her age, each girl is on a journey which aims to equip her to effectively participate in her future digital world. It is part of our vision at Danebank to ensure that our students maintain their digital competency, keeping up with current trends, and that they operate in the full expectation that technology will be an ever-evolving and integrated aspect of their lives.

Leading the way

Danebank is a leader in the use of technology in the classroom. The school incorporates an effective infrastructure which enables students to use a range of technological equipment. Our infrastructure meets the needs of modern teaching and learning and many administrative processes have also been developed online. The school’s IT Department maintains a high speed WiFi network that is accessible throughout the school, as well as a Helpdesk to troubleshoot any issues.

Online Portal

Students, staff and parents have access to an online portal which contains information for learning, including assignment details and results plus administrative information such as contact details. Online reporting processes in particular have enabled the school to make major shifts in assessment, feedback and reflection for the senior school.

Contemporary Learning

If you visit Danebank today, you will see students at all levels developing their expertise by using many technological tools and applications. Our secondary students use their personal digital devices as part of their learning. Initially, in 2012, iPads were introduced into Danebank’s secondary school to replace textbooks, but the iPad innovation back then has had far-reaching impacts. At the same time the girls have replaced most hard copy textbooks with their personal devices, new software, apps and programs have become available. New online sources include links to additional websites, videos and applications. The school now has a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Program. This means that families choose the device the students use (as long as they comply with the school’s guidelines).

Online Services

The school has a number of activities and administrative functions that may be accessed online such as enrolling for School of Music, Sporting teams, Canteen Orders and Uniform Shop purchases (see Services section).


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Latest News

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