Through the pandemic, Danebank students have reaped the benefits of our teachers’ successful adaptation of their teaching methods and material, to provide innovative, creative and exciting alternatives for our girls from a distance.

An example is when Junior School Digital Learning Innovator, Mrs Corrie Bourke, identified that the girls needed more engagement and hands-on STEAM activities, she created an interactive website featuring numerous STEAM learning opportunities and engaging activities for Junior School students.

“I really enjoyed thinking outside the box and everyday I play with the catapult, I love it!” – Sienna B

In this process, she also continued her learning journey, as Mrs Bourke has never built such a website before. She planned the site to offer a variety of challenges, giving students a choice as to what type of challenge they would like to undertake, such as:

  • Building a Catapult
  • Designing and building a House for the 3 Little Pigs
  • Designing and building a Pasta Vehicle
  • Designing and building a Balloon Rocket
  • Designing and making your Dream Outfit
  • Designing and building Furniture
  • Designing and building an iPad or iPhone Stand
  • Nature Hat/Jewellery

These are some of the projects students are able to attempt.

Our students embraced this resource and parents have been wonderfully supportive by finding supplies to assist the girls. Many families can be seen on videos as they assist the girls with their inventions and enjoying participating. 

Students sent messages to say how much fun they had working in these projects, while noting that problem solving made them feel they had really achieved something worthwhile, once they had completed their inventions.

“… Building the three little pigs a home isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to use the right materials so everything is balanced, and your house had to have the right amount of weight so that it wouldn’t blow down when you used your hair dryer. .. I loved this activity as I got to use my engineering and building skills. After achieving this challenge, I felt really proud of myself and was really happy …” – Aleeya W

” STEAM day was a extremely fun day with interesting challenges and things that filled up our day with challenge and fun!” – Emily Wilson

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– Mrs Corrie Bourke
Digital Learning Integrator: Junior School