Starting back at school can be an exciting time but it can also be a challenging time. This is especially true for those attending Danebank for the first time. Preparation, building routine and supporting students with your own calm approach can go a long way in ensuring those first few weeks are a positive experience.


Back-to-School Tips for Primary School Parents

  • Build a school-day routine and try and stick to it each day. Have wake-up, homework, eating and sleeping times the same time each day.
  • Ensure that your daughter gets enough sleep. Sleep is critical to enable students to concentrate and absorb new information in class and consolidate what they learn into long-term memory.
  • Allow extra time to get ready in the morning for the first couple of weeks so you’re not in a rush. It takes time to get used to getting up early after the holidays, and to adjust to new routines.
  • Encourage your daughter to pack their schoolbag the night before. A visual checklist can help some students remember what they need for each day.
  • Support, reassure, and communicate. Encourage children to take part in school activities and connect with their peers, particularly new students.
  • Role model a calm attitude at home and talk to children about how things are at school as well as everyday things. Remember that children may not always want to talk about school as soon as they get picked up, so it can help to put some time aside to catch up and talk about the day during family mealtimes, or before bed.

It’s normal for students to feel a range of emotions as they head back to school and it may take several weeks to adjust to new classes, making new friends and getting back into the school routine. However, if you are a parent and notice changes in your child’s behaviour that lasts longer than several weeks, please speak to your daughter’s teacher or a School Counsellor about your concerns.

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The Danebank Counselling Team are available between 8am-4pm during term times. If you would like to ask a question or make an appointment to see a School Counsellor, send an email to one of the below addresses.

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Junior School Parents

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