Building Community

Safe and Supportive School

Teachers, students and parents are committed to the following ideals for all members of the Danebank Community.

  • Creating a safe and secure school where students are able to learn in a supportive and motivating environment, free from harassment and violence.
  • Striving for a sense of connection to each other and the school.
  • Caring for each other at all times.
  • Treating each other with respect and equality.
  • Respecting the possessions and privacy of others.
  • Following the School’s Code of Behaviour.
  • Considering how behaviour will impact others and modify our behaviour accordingly.
  • Using words and actions to encourage and build one another up.
  • Being accountable for our behaviour.
  • Acknowledging mistakes and learning from them.
  • Striving to be authentic and seeking the truth.

Danebank strives to clearly articulate and acknowledge these ideals to the students and the wider Danebank Community. This message is reinforced weekly in Chapel Services, in pastoral care and wellbeing programmes, in Christian Studies, in our classrooms, our teachers’ professional development curriculum, through the news sheet and school website. The School will investigate, clarify, articulate and resolve issues that arise in the school when there has been a breach in the commitment to these ideals. Behaviour such as relational aggression, sexual harassment or violence is unacceptable and does not fit the ideals of the School.


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Latest News

Danebank is a vibrant school environment where we focus on and celebrate achievements of all kinds. The latest News is published online and in printed form through a variety of channels.