Why Danebank?

Her today

Girls can do anything at Danebank. They are encouraged to develop their natural gifts and to seek to discover new ones. They are encouraged to strive for their best and to develop confidence in their own abilities. They are encouraged to fulfil their potential in every way, to serve the wider community and to model integrity. Danebank girls express a strong sense of belonging to their friends and to their school.

Danebank girls express their gifts and talents unencumbered by any gender restrictions. They study Physics and high levels of Mathematics. They are school leaders, performers and artists. They are experts in technology. They can hit a home run. They can play the drums. They achieve amongst the best in the state, some among the best in the country.

At Danebank, girls rule!

Her tomorrow

Almost 100% of Danebank graduates enter degree courses after their HSC, leading to professional careers. That’s the statistic, but we aim for more than that. We aim to empower each girl to set her eyes on her future, a future in which her Danebank education has ignited the best in her. We aim for her to dream of a meaningful adult life, where her academic gifts are empowered (Keen minds) and where faith, service and integrity matter (Faithful hearts).


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Latest News

Danebank is a vibrant school environment where we focus on and celebrate achievements of all kinds. The latest News is published online and in printed form through a variety of channels.