On Safer Internet Day, our teachers used the opportunity to again remind our students of their responsibility to keep themselves and others safe online.

While the internet is an amazing resource that we all use every day, it also has a darker side. As parents, it is important that we continue to educate ourselves, our children and young adults on the risks posed by using digital devices (including tablets and phones) indiscriminately. 

Our children just don’t have the cognitive, social and emotional maturity to regulate their own use of social interaction online, including texting, gaming and social media. They absolutely need your help to set time limits for online access, value face-to-face relationships, being active and understanding that communication online is very different and we need to think very carefully about what we type or post. 

It is vital that you keep communication channels open because research shows that children who think a parent will remove a device, are less likely to disclose any anxiety they are having with e-communication.

Find out more about “How to use parental controls and other tools to maximise online safety in your home.” on the Australian eSafetyCommissioner website here.  

We know that technology is an essential part of our lives today and equipping our girls with how to use technology safely and with balance is really important. The ‘raising children network’ has great resources for helping families balance the use of technology with some screen-free time. 

On 23 January 2022, we welcomed the commencement of the Online Safety Act, which provides additional protections for Australians in the fight against online harms. You can familiarise yourself with its content by clicking here.

At Danebank we work with our girls continuously to teach them about Cybersafety. This will be a lifelong journey for them and us as we live and work in a hyperconnected digital world. – Mrs Corrie Bourke, Digital Learning Integrator/Stage 3 Coordinator