Year 6 with Professor Brian Cox

In 2016, Nikita B had the pleasure of meeting Professor Brian Cox at the State Theatre. Nikita won this wonderful opportunity through a competition run by the RIUS (Royal Institute of Australia). RIUS selected its winners by determining the best answers to a set question from each state. Winners were able to attend and meet Professor Cox at his show, ask their question on stage and receive his newest book 'Forces of Nature'.

In Week 2 of Term 2, Nikita gave a presentation on who Professor Brian Cox was and his contributions to Science. Her presentation took an exciting turn when she informed 6L, that the class had been invited to an In-Class session with the world-renowned physicist and presenter Professor Brian Cox, as he fields questions from students around Australia.

The girls were then encouraged to develop their own questions to be asked to Professor Brian Cox. Once all questions had been formulated, they were collated and put in a class poll, with the most popular question being selected, with the possibility of it being answered. Nikita Badve's question ultimately won the class poll which asked ''When the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxy collide, will their blackholes merge or will they remain as two separate entities?".

Below is a clip of Nakita explaining her question to the class and then the exciting moment that Nikita's question was answered by Professor Brian Cox.