This is Danebank. Welcome.

This is a vibrant, passionate community of learning.

Where every girl matters and belongs.

We’re fiercely proud of our traditional values.

Yet fully in step with the modern world.

Our girls are empowered with faith, compassion and optimism.

To live out their purpose and become everything they can be.

At Danebank, educational opportunities are fused with a unique culture.

This is a special place where girls grow and flourish.

Where sparks become flames.

Welcome From our Principal

Will my daughter

Danebank .. aspires that every girl belongs and every girl is becoming all she is purposed to be.

Grounded in our heritage, we are a futures-focused Christian learning community. We nurture and inspire girls to flourish through inclusive and powerful educational opportunities.

Join us, as we serve and shape the world.

Compassionate Service | Creative Collaboration | Respectful Relationships | Courageous Optimism | Personal Excellence | Loving Kindness | Taking Responsibility

Our Approach to Learning

Danebank is an inspiring and engaging Christian learning community with an abiding commitment to excellence in thinking, learning and care.

Our approach to learning is holistic and typified by remarkable academic results, and the depth of enriched learning and wellbeing programs which develop the broader base of skills, dispositions, habits of mind, values, attitudes and character that our girls need to flourish.

To ensure an engaging, forward looking and fully rounded experience, we focus on five key ways of learning. Most importantly of all, our girls are not just learning – they are becoming powerful learners.

Reflective learning

Students being willing and able to become more strategic about learning. Good learners are aware of how their learning is going and are able to make decisions accordingly.

Wellbeing learning

Supporting our learning by knowing ourselves and having proven strategies to build on our strengths and improve our sense of resilience and wellbeing.

Relational learning

Being ready, willing and able to learn alone and with others. The ability to listen, take your turn and understand the viewpoints of others, even when you do not immediately agree.

Resourceful learning

Being able to learn in different ways. Being resourceful means having a good repertoire of attitudes and strategies for approaching the world when it becomes strange or out of control. It’s about knowing what to do when you don't know what to do (Jean Piaget).

Faith and Character learning

The foundation of our Danebank community.


A Danebank girl is inspired to be herself and to explore who she is and who she wants to be. Some of us dream of becoming scientists, artists, chefs, lawyers, scholars, musicians, engineers — Danebank nurtures you to get there.

We focus on developing a strong sense of wellbeing within a supportive, safe and inclusive environment.

Faith and Values

As a member of the Anglican Schools Corporation, Danebank exists to provide an affordable education-based on an Anglican reformed faith. The Philosophy of Education of The Anglican Schools Corporation, ‘Serving Christ by equipping students for His world’, provides a clear outline of beliefs, purpose and intent for every aspect of the school life.

As a Christian school, we frame our planning and actions for each girl in the contemporary world within the context of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our values of compassionate service, creative collaboration, respectful relationships, courageous optimism, personal excellence, loving kindness and taking responsibility guide our path.