Junior School

Pre-K to Year 6

Our vibrant Christian learning community is supportive, positive, safe and secure.

Our vibrant Christian learning community is supportive, positive, safe and secure. Danebank girls and young women are at the heart of everything that we do; we’ve created our unique learning environment with their needs in mind. Our staff seek to hear, nurture, care for and celebrate every girl. Relationships, founded on trust and support, are so important here, not just for our girls, but for our whole community. That’s why we actively partner with families and encourage your engagement in your daughter’s learning.


Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) is the official year of entry into our Junior School. The specially-developed program uses little girls’ natural curiosity and love of play, laying the foundation for all future learning in key subject areas.

Our Pre-K girls are learning all the time, without even being aware of it. They’re learning to socialise and develop new friendships, gaining the skills, confidence and independence to start Kindergarten fully prepared. They play and explore non-stop, while being encouraged to think, observe, identify and differentiate.

The aim is to give them the best start as they develop routines in a safe, caring and enriched environment, so that Kindergarten is anticipated with excitement.

In our brand-new Pre-K facility, girls are welcomed and nurtured by a fully qualified and experienced early childhood teacher and a qualified, trained teacher assistant. 

The girls have weekly lessons with specialist Junior School teachers in Sports, Library, Music and Christian Studies, held in the respective facilities and learning spaces, such as the Aquatic Centre, Gymnasium and Performing Arts Centre.

English, Mathematics, Science, HSIE, Creative Arts and PDHPE.

Specialist teachers teach Art, Music, Sport, Christian Studies, Digital technologies, Library, Japanese. Students also have access to specialist teacher support in literacy and numeracy, EALD and subject extension.

Most benefit comes from learning an instrument when young, so Year 3 and Year 4 students participate in Danebank’s signature Instrumental Program. Girls also play in ensembles and bands. Danebank provides the instruments.

Outdoor education builds independence, strengthens friendships, facilitates teamwork and fosters inclusivity. Girls develop persistence and resilience by facing and overcoming challenges in a safe environment. Camps start in Year 3 with an overnight stay, becoming longer in later years.

Creative arts are taught by a specialist teacher in the Junior School. Students’ skills and their appreciation of art are nurtured. Danebank students have had work displayed at various external competitions and exhibitions.

Music is weekly taught by specialist teachers in a specially-appointed music classroom. Drama is part of the curriculum taught by class teachers. Students can enrol for vocal and instrumental tutoring, individually or in small groups, in school time at an extra fee. They can participate in choirs, dance troupe, strings ensemble and concert band.

It is a delight to see our Junior School students’ enthusiastic, servant hearts in action as they embrace the opportunity to be global citizens and to positively impact the lives of those in need. Girls support several Christian charities through fundraising and generating awareness.

Classes are differentiated and open-ended, allowing students to explore topics in more depth. An extension teacher withdraws students from class to focus on extension in literacy and numeracy. Girls also participate in academic competitions, debating and speech festivals.

Specialist teacher support is provided in literacy and numeracy, including EALD and extension. Various learning support assistants work with girls in the classroom and in small groups. Girls are also supported through specialised programs.

Following a servant-leadership model, students grow in their leadership potential and capacity as they embody the Danebank values. Leadership opportunities include: Student Representative Council (SRC), monitoring, Kinder and Year 6 buddies, Prefect Body (Captain, Vice Captains and Prefects), House Officials, Co-Curricular Leaders.


Kate Fraser, Assistant Head of Junior School

Individualised care, support and nurture

Academic care and student wellbeing are essential for learning and flourishing in life. All teachers at Danebank understand that wellbeing and learning are inextricably linked and both need to be nurtured simultaneously to equip students with all they need to craft a satisfying life.

Our teachers are outstanding, deeply committed educators who are experts in their field. We provide appropriate levels of stretch and challenge, coupling this with high support, nurture and care.

Learning in community is what school is all about, which means relationships are at the heart of all we do. We are committed to a restorative approach for building and maintaining respectful relationships. This means that students are supported to understand the impact of their choices and how to make things right. Through restorative practices we create a trusting, empathetic environment, providing all members of our community the opportunity to make positive choices and interact respectfully.

Visible Wellbeing™

Designed by Professor Lea Waters (PhD), a world-renowned expert in positive psychology, Visible Wellbeing™ (VWB) combines the science of wellbeing with the science of learning and teaching to make wellbeing visible in all classes and across co-curricular.

VWB isn’t a set program, it is a set of flexible practices that can be applied across any subject matter, and in all contexts: early learning, primary, secondary, and in the staff room.

VWB has given Danebank a common language and framework for building wellbeing across the school. It is based around six key pathways, “SEARCH”: Strengths, Emotional Management, Attention and awareness, Relationships, Coping and Habits/goals. As every girl strengthens her wellbeing toolkit in these domains, her wellbeing is nurtured and becomes a powerful resource for learning and flourishing.

In addition, Danebank’s bespoke wellbeing programs promote health, positive emotion, engagement, relationships and build resilience. We work to ensure that our girls are connected to our community and develop a strong sense of belonging, identity and purpose.

Student Care Structures

Danebank prides itself on the comprehensive student-care network we’ve established. Class teachers have in-depth knowledge of their students’ needs and undertake the special care of their classes. They liaise with other staff and parents to ensure that the needs of their group are understood and promoted.

When students need additional support, we are proud to connect them with one of our school psychologists, counsellors or wellbeing coaches. The Junior School executive team are also involved in matters of pastoral care as needed.


Extensive and broad-ranging opportunities exist for girls at Danebank as they explore their passions, interests and talents while developing dispositions, relationships and the character to thrive in the future. Co-curricular offerings turn the sparks of curiosity into flames of passion within our girls. Please link below to read more about some of these opportunities.

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