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Danebank has three main entry grades - Pre Kindergarten, Year 3 and Year 7, however we accept applications for all grades and entry is made available upon withdrawal of another student.

Yes, Danebank offers enrolment places as they become available.

Yes, all applicants are automatically put on to a waiting list until a place becomes available during the year or we commence the enrolment process for the nominated year of entry. For Year 7, this is two years in advance and for Pre-Kindergarten and Year 3, this is the year before entry.

Once we process your daughter’s application, her file is placed on our waiting list according to the date on which we receive her completed application. Enrolments are generally processed two years prior to commencement, at which time Danebank’s Registrar will contact families to confirm their interest and begin the enrolment process. In the event that year levels are at capacity, families who have not been offered a place will remain on the waiting list. Danebank allows priority enrolments to siblings, daughters of Alumnae and members of the Clergy.

Extensive support and programs are provided to ensure transitions are as smooth as possible and that students feel welcome and are settled in their new school.

Junior School Transition Day

In Junior School, a Transition Day in Term 4 allows all new and current students to experience a day in their new, next-grade’s classroom. Pre-Kindergarten girls attend half-class days at the start of each year, allowing personal attention and easier integration.

Year 7

For Year 7 students, there are a number of events arranged to support the student transition. Assistance will be provided with uniform purchases, connecting students with their buddies, hosting a number of welcoming events and encouraging the selection of co-curricular activities to encourage students to familiarise themselves with the campus and make friends. The welcoming events that are held for our transitioning students include Cake and Connect and A Taste of Year 7 which are scheduled toward the end of the year and Orientation Day held at the start of Term 1 of their commencement at Danebank.


All Kindergarten students have a Year 6 Buddy, a program loved by all students. New students in other year levels are also supported through our Buddy program.

Orientation Day

The first day of the year is an Orientation Day at Danebank. This is when we invite all new students along to meet with other new students, as well as connect with our SRC and Prefects, and meeting with their Year Coordinator.

Support from Staff

In the Senior School each year group has 2 Year Coordinators who guide them and assist with any questions they may have during their transition to Danebank Senior School. Along with the Year Coordinators your daughter's teachers will monitor and care for her in class. After-school support is provided in the library before and after school hours and teachers are available after school on certain days for assistance in Mathematics, English and Science.

Danebank offers Scholarships for entry into Year 7. These Scholarships are supported by our School Council and reviewed yearly.

To find out more about scholarships click here.

Yes, Danebank has four minibuses for Junior School girls. These have routes criss-crossing Georges River and Sutherland Shire as we collect and return your daughter as close as possible to your door.

As a non-selective school, Danebank does not have an entrance exam prior to confirmation of enrolment. Each student is interviewed by a member of the teaching executive prior to being offered a position. Students already enrolled for and entering Year 7 sit a grading test the year before to help determine their class allocation.

If you wish to transfer your daughter’s enrolment from the year requested on her enrolment form, please call or email the Registrar advising of the change and the file will be updated accordingly.

Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K)

Pre-K is a program for the year prior to Kindergarten. At Danebank we prefer the girls to turn 4 before 31 March in their year of Pre-K but we will consider students who turn 4 before 31 May.

Yes, subject to availability of places and the age of the child. There is an option for a girl to begin Pre-K if she turns 4 by May 31, however, please be advised that these younger students may be asked to complete two years of Pre-K based on their age and readiness for Kindergarten Younger students are placed in the 2 day class and if they return the following year, they are then placed in the 3 day class.

Danebank’s Pre-K is a class. The children wear a modified uniform and their days are organised so that they engage with age appropriate learning from a specific Learning Program. The aim is that they begin to establish a foundation for school learning and social skills. Each day begins with some free play and then moves on to class lessons which focus on student early reading and writing skills, fine and gross motor development and the ability to focus on activities over extended periods. At Danebank, the lessons include specialist teachers in Physical Education, Christian Studies and Library.

Confidence! We see this so clearly at Kindergarten orientation each year. Students coming from Pre-K are confident and ready to move on to Kindergarten. They know the school, the routine and many of the teachers. They are used to the facilities and what happens from day to day. Kindergarten will bring new challenges for all students, but students who have been in Pre-K are able to meet these challenges from a confident foundation which makes for a smooth transition.

No. We try to reflect in Pre-K what school is like. Students wear their uniforms. They bring a school bag with their lunch and drinks, same as those in Kindergarten and Junior School. The staff are there to help of course, but it is our aim to help our Pre-K students become more independent. This is of great value to them when they move on to Kindergarten.

We do encourage the children to have a 40-45 minute sleep or rest after lunch in Semester 1. Pre-K students do a lot of thinking work and physical activity which can make for some tired little eyes by lunch time. As they proceed through the year, they may need this less and less and may have a rest instead, perhaps with a book or some calming music.

Pre-K students take part in a number of school activities that continue into Kindergarten and beyond. Chapel on a Monday, Assembly on a Friday, Library lessons, Sports lessons, Christian Studies lessons and playing in the big girls’ playground all are part of the Pre-K week. These make for a great foundation to build on in Kindergarten. They may also attend some Infants School excursions with the other classes.

Yes. Since the youngest students are usually about 3-and-a-half, this is not usually a problem. Of course, sometimes there are accidents, but we will assist your child in this situation and we ask that you provide a seasonal change of clothes in their bag to make this easier to manage.

Before and after school care is available for an extra charge each day and can be booked through our before and after schools provider, Extend on 1300 366 437 or

Pre-K is not a registered childcare centre. It is an early stage 1 school class. As such it does not qualify for childcare benefit assistance. However, Before and After School care does qualify for this benefit. Please contact Extend directly for further details:

The programme is approved by NESA every five years, when a detailed review is carried out by NESA representatives for the whole school. The process is exhaustive and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that Pre-K children develop skills that support their transition to Kindergarten.

Two full time staff work with the Pre-K class, one being a fully-qualified Early Childhood specialist. Other specialist teachers take the class for Sports, Library, Music and Christian education. This allows children to get to know many of the staff who will be involved with their future schooling.

As soon as possible! Pre-K is only one classroom and so spaces are limited. The earlier your application arrives, the better chance you have in securing the enrolment you prefer.

We will contact you in Term 2 of the year before your daughter’s proposed start. You will have an interview with the Head of Junior School, allowing you to ask questions, and letting us get to know you and your child a little better. Places are allocated after all interviews have been completed.

The interview is not a test. It is mainly a chance for us all to meet. It is an opportunity to discuss the issues relevant to your child’s enrolment and education. Your daughter has a chance to visit the school and she begins to establish a sense of connection with her school.

Yes. This occurs in two parts:

  • An evening event for parents to meet the staff and one another
  • A day-time play morning for your child

Because we seek to replicate a classroom environment, we have fixed days for the Pre-K program. The Monday/Tuesday class is for children who attend two days. Wednesday-Friday class is for children who attend the three day course. This allows the children to develop stable relationships with classroom peers and ensures all students can participate in the many timetabled activities.

You will have opportunities to talk to the class teacher who will always contact you if necessary. A daily photography report is available via Seesaw that shows parents what the children have been doing. Pre-K parents also receive two progress reports throughout the year and have the opportunity to have interviews with the Pre-K teacher.

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