Senior School Co-curricular Opportunities

Student Leadership

Students actively lead their peers and shape the school community. Girls can apply to be members of the Student Representative Council where they meet weekly with students from Years 7-11 to relay their ideas to improve the school. They also organise fun activities such as movie nights.

In Years 11 and 12 students are elected as Prefects from which two Vice Captains and a School captain is elected. These students leaders develop themes for the year and run activities that help to foster community.

Visual Arts

Self expression is a visceral way of exploring meaning. Our aim is for girls to develop their own visual language to communicate ideas about their world, supported by the study of historical and contemporary art. Students explore a variety of 2D and 3D forms, developing creative thinking skills, whilst engaging in discussions around the ethics of seeing. This enables our students to critically navigate the mass media, while meaningfully participating in and commenting on the world.

The students have opportunities to participate in authentic learning experiences at Visual Arts camps, and to contribute to a range of Visual Arts exhibitions throughout their school years.

HSC results are outstanding with many students scoring in the top levels. Danebank students’ HSC works have also been included in the prestigious ArtExpress exhibition as well as the Hazelhurst Gallery exhibition Art Rules.

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Our music programs include performance, composition and aural skills. Individual students and groups have many opportunities to perform in showcase assemblies and school functions as well as external events. Students’ HSC performances can be selected for Encore.

To learn more about music at Danebank, head to our Performing Arts Portal.

Music Camp

Students involved in Co-Curricular Ensembles are invited to participate in our annual music camp. An enriching and team-building experience that brings Co-Curricular Ensembles together from across the Junior and Senior Campuses, it immerses students in musical learning experiences and prepares repertoire for performance.

To learn more about music camp at Danebank, head to our Performing Arts Portal.

Music Groups

Individuals and small groups perform at Eisteddfods, Open Days, Bandfest, community events, concerts and school events.
The Senior School groups are:

  • Senior Concert Band
  • Senior Choir
  • Senior Vocal Ensemble
  • Senior String Orchestra
  • Bellringers
  • Advanced Instrumental Ensemble
  • Rise Program (various chamber ensembles for gifted players)

To learn more about music groups at Danebank, head to our Performing Arts Portal.

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The school presents drama productions of a high calibre, alternating between musicals and plays. Students involved in productions participate as performers, stage crew, lighting operators, audio experts, or stage managers.

Students in Years 9–11 also have the opportunity to be involved in the inter-school Theatresports competition. Students receive training with a Theatresports expert to equip them for the experience.

The school’s Performing Arts Centre provides state-of- the-art lighting, sound and staging opportunities in the main auditorium.

To learn more about drama at Danebank, head to our Performing Arts Portal.

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The Dance Troupe program seeks to develop technique, expose the students to a range of choreography styles and prepare for performance opportunities in school and in the wider community through Eisteddfods and the like. We offer two senior dance troupes and one Junior dance troupe which run both before and after school hours.

To learn more about Dance Troupe at Danebank, head to our Performing Arts Portal.


Sport teaches girls commitment, respect, how to concentrate under stress, how to set and achieve goals, and to be gracious competitors. Here at Danebank, we are grateful to offer a whole variety of sports for our girls to participate in, catering to all different strengths and interests.

Beyond our facilities and training programs, our skilled coaching staff provide a depth of experience. Seasoned coaches work with the students, encouraging and empowering them to achieve their best, on and off the field. The entire sporting team work closely with the coaches to develop training programs suitable to all abilities to help our girls enjoy playing their sport, and to excel.

Student Experience

  • Saturday sport
  • Multiple weekly training and fitness sessions (before school, at lunchtime and after school)
  • Representative sporting pathways
  • Training sessions each week for girls involved in and representing Danebank at carnivals/competitions
  • Additional targeted training for high level teams
  • Podium-ready Program (PRP) designed to support and develop our elite athletes
  • Junior and Senior sporting opportunities
  • Proud member of IGSA

Podium-Ready Program (PRP)

We are proud to have girls competing in various sports at a state level or higher. These students may have extraordinary interruptions to school due to commitments to sport. These may include high training hours, travel, regular competitions taking up weekends, and events that require school days to be missed.

Through the PRP these girls are assisted in managing their commitments to their area of expertise as well as their academic pursuits. It recognises the student’s achievements at school and the wider community.

The program can also assist students in areas of training, offering extra skill-specific sessions, even working with their external coaches to help target their school-based training to their overall training goals and development.

Students must apply to be a part of this program.

Sports On Offer

Term 1

  • Badminton
  • Cross country
  • Dragon Boating
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Touch Football
  • Volleyball
  • Water Polo

Term 2

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Field Hockey
  • Football (Soccer)
  • Netball
  • Snowsports (June / July holidays)
  • Swimming

Term 3

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Field Hockey
  • Football (Soccer)
  • Netball

Term 4

  • Dragon Boating
  • Indoor Hockey
  • Gymnastics
  • Tennis
  • Touch Football
  • Volleyball

To learn more about sport at Danebank, head to the Sport Portal.

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Debating and Public Speaking

Developing a girl’s public speaking skills The aim of these will be to improve the public speaking skills of any student as well as to provide coaching assistance for those preparing for inter-school competitions.

Note: it is not compulsory to attend every session and you can still be involved in inter-school competitions even if you cannot come to the scheduled Public Speaking sessions.

Outdoor Education

At every camp we seek to empower the girls, build confidence, grow leadership skills and independence, and expose students to different environments. Learning to take healthy risks builds perseverance and resilience and ultimately gives the students a great sense of achievement. All of these skills aid students when they are back at school.
Our girls are highly involved in the Duke of Edinburgh program. Its many challenges helps foster self-confidence, ability to cope with change (resilience) and leadership.

Christian Groups

Student-led Christian groups run one lunchtime each week to dig deeper into God’s word and encourage each other to live following Jesus. FOCUS (Years 7 to 10) and SIC (Years 11 and 12) go away for an inspiring and rewarding weekend of fun and Bible teaching in June.

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